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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walking The Line

Chalkline Beauty, a band who hails from the Commonwealth’s capitol city, combines their insatiable appetite for having a good time with the ability to play good music with a fresh sound and shockingly strong vocals. The band began in 2006 with Rashad and Jeff hanging out in their Richmond apartment having a chill and mellow time, and consists of Rashad (vocals), Jeff (guitar), Chris (guitar), Joe (bass), and a new drummer, Adam Sowder.

Rashad, who sang previously in another band, grew weary and unhappy, and along with Jeff, decided to start a new band, Chalkline Beauty, whose music appeals to the metal and hardcore genre of Rock, and to people who are tired of the same shit on a different day, tired of listening to the radio, and who don’t fall into a particular crowd. That being said, Chalkline Beauty plays music straight up, without worrying about being stereotyped or criticized for having an open mind and doing what they want and enjoy: playing good music and having a great time while doing it. The band recorded their first demo in 2007, I am the Wolf, which is available via the bands Myspace page and by attending a show (which they highly suggest).

When asked to give any words of wisdom or if they had any philosophies, Jeff and Rashad gave two completely different words of advice, but at the same time they appeal to both fans and aspiring artists and ring loud and clear. Rashad said that one piece of advice he can offer to aspiring musicians is, “to be true to yourself in your musical endeavors, don’t conform to standards, be yourself, and do what you want and enjoy it”. Jeff on the other hand provided a piece of advice for the fans, “… if and when you do find that band you connect with and whose music appeals to you, stick with them and catch their show (s), but don’t leave after they are done performing, stick around and check out the other bands and show your support for us all.” Rashad also offered a piece of advice for the fans saying, “… unplug the fucking radio and turn off Myspace and your damn computer and catch a show, get out there and experience music, don’t just sit back and expect it to move you”. These two pieces of advice serve to show and amplify the fact that Chalkline Beauty is about the music, and having a good time.

Chalkline Beauty, along with its new drummer, are looking forward to their new future, and hope to further develop their careers as musicians, and also hope to play more shows both locally and outside the Richmond area. They also hope to catch Adam up to speed, and record a new demo. This journalist wishes this band all the best, and can’t wait to catch the next Chalkline Beauty show, and firmly believes this band is a force to be reckoned with, and also a band that takes no prisoners and shows no mercy. For more information on the band and their music, visit their Myspace page at ChalklineBeautyRVA and for Christ’s sake get out there and catch a damn show, unplug the radio, support local music, and enjoy the music and the experience.

Zach Jefferies
June 20, 2008


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