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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In case you have not noticed....

I have been moving articles and reviews from the old writers blog, over to the main blog here, to save time, and create less confusion.

All the MusicRVA writers have been transferred here except one. We no longer support that writer or their work for a number of reasons, BUT, we do support the bands that were written about, so you can still find all those articles and any other posts that were not articles on the old blog, and that is where they will stay, as they are already indexed and spidered by the search engines.

Moving the writers articles over to the main blog, not only gives them a boost for the articles they have written, but also enables anyone who did not see them on that blog, a chance to read them on the main blog, so its a double benefit!
Plus, since the MusicRVA Blog has gotton several write ups, and good attention called to it on its own, everybody wins.

Check out the old blog at it's new address Aspiring Writers and if you are looking for the articles about the bands that did not make the move over to here,
Click Here (this link has been updated)


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