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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Caravan of Thieves Put on Devilishly Delightful Performances

by: Christy Sheppard The Caravan of Thieves are Ashland Coffee & Tea's latest Artists in Residence. The quartet, led by husband and wife team Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni, will be back in Ashland Wednesday, October 21. I caught up with them on the phone from their hometown, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Caravan of Thieves, despite being a relatively young band, has gotten off to a very promising start. "Our very first show with Caravan was the Spring of 2008," says Carrie, who sings and plays guitar. "We've been playing together for about a year and a half." The couple married in 2005. "It was an intimate relationship before it became a musical one," says Fuzz, who also sings and plays guitar. It's likely you've never experienced a show like theirs. Both Fuzz and Carrie say music has been a part of their lives since childhood. "As a kid I was doing a lot of theater and Broadway," recalls Carrie. "I was classically trained on piano first and then started playing guitar in high school. My dad taught me." "I started off as a kid playing guitar, Rock-n-Roll," says Fuzz. "I played my first show when I was 14. I just kind of got hooked on performing and playing in bands." Fuzz went to school for classical music and arrangement and composition, played everything from blues to jazz to R&B to dance-pop, toured with Deep Banana Blackout and joined up with Tom Tom Club, which is the drummer and bass player from Talking Heads.

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