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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halflit Halo at the Canal Club

Halflit Halo burns bright.

Late last year the rock scene in Richmond VA had some big things happening; some of the best known bands on the scene were breaking up and reforming, only to find that they couldn’t get the “right fit” for their personal and professional taste. In September 2007 Jeb Bach, Peyton Dowdy (formally of Fallen Under) and Chris White decided to give this “new band thing” a shot. After finding local vocal talent Kevin Hagaman (formally of Memory Fade, Fail-Safe, and Kabura) and drummer Stuart “Tripp” Coughlin (formally of Chalkline Beauty) the stage was set and Halflit Halo was born.

Walking in to Canal Club I was a bit skeptical at first, I had heard good things about these guys, personally and musically, but I have always been one to not believe everything I hear and only half of what I read, so I got my hands X‘ed and with innate curiosity surveyed the club. Immediately upon scanning CC I noticed five guys that seemed to be everywhere at once, from the bar to the stage to the tables in between their energy was unparalleled, this I said to myself should be quite the show.

Searching for Timothy got up on stage and opened up the show with a blast of energy and an amazing sound that really got the crowd going. After the intensity that was SFT the next band had a lot to live up to, As Summer Dies a hardcore band from Buffalo NY, rocked the house with a sound and light show that left us all wondering, how can any band top that?

With intense vocals, haunting melodies and copious amounts of energy, Halflit Halo took to the stage and summoned every ounce of emotion and talent they could muster. The fans and the other bands looked on in awe as the first notes of the set rang out. One could easily get lost in the passionate and poignant lyrics of “The Passing” and as they slipped into “Bitter End” and “Eulogy in Transilence” I was struck with a realization: these songs were not just something written to fill a record, each one of these pieces of art meant something to them and in turn conveyed the deepest emotions that seem to get lost in Halflit Halos’ offstage happy-go-lucky personas. However the night was not all dark and heavy, in between songs the mood was upbeat and lively as the guys joked around and laughed about this and that. After “Seeping”, “Say Goodbye” and “Fire Escape from Purgatory” (a personal favorite) they revealed a guest singer for their last song, “Divine Judgment”. A more hardcore song, Gregg Reynolds, jumped up on stage and screamed right on time, complementing Hagaman’s voice beautifully; it was truly a marvelous ending to a spectacular show.

Halflit Halo definitely has proven themselves time and time again as a new force to be reckoned with on the scene, with a stunning live show and a mastered sound that’s all their own, these guys are sure to be a staple on the RVA circuit for a long time to come.

For more info where you can catch HH next, check out the bands official myspace at


Author: Crystal Snyder
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