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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Prospect of Real Rap

About three years ago at a small and frequently visited night spot in Warsaw, Virginia, namely Anna’s, two of the most well rounded musicians the Northern Neck has to offer met for the first time and began a musical career as both friends and occasional partners.

The night began as most nights do at Anna’s, enjoying a few drinks while listening to various strangers and friends trying their voices at karaoke. As the night progressed, J Rock was approached by Brian Sprouse, a friend of Prospect South, and was asked if interested in doing a free style session with Prospect South. Not a typical free style battle, but more of a game of wits and a friendly jam session, J Rock agreed and along with Prospect South, they made their mark and began a friendship that has helped both musical careers along, and has now grown into a brotherhood or adoptive family.

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines the word prospect as, “…an extensive view and/or the act of looking forward“. Furthermore Merriam-Webster‘s Online Dictionary also offers, “…prospect also implies expectation of a particular event, condition, or development of definite interest and concern“. All of the above meanings and definitions apply to an artist from Hendersonville, North Carolina, Prospect South, who firmly believes in karma (what goes around, comes around), and hopes to open people’s eyes and change the world with his music.

Thomas Clinton Elkins, aka Prospect South, uses inspiration from his personal life and experiences to create dynamic synthesized sounds and electronic beats, accompanied by vocals that demand your attention and make you think, both evident in his original song “Originality by Definition”. Prospect South ensures a good show, by getting into the zone, and getting the crowd into his music and performance. His music not only appeals to fans who fall into the Rap and Hip Hop genres, but also anyone who is willing to listen and to people who want to learn. He has released two records, Southern Engineer and Change the World, which will be made available to itunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and Emusic in the near future.

J Rock, aka Jerrell Golden, hails from the Northern Neck town of Tappahannock, where one day during high school study hall, he and his friend Clarence Taylor were visiting a website, when his first performance name, Golden Boy was born. With the help of his home boys, the name stuck, and shortly after he and some friend started a group Solja Squad. Later on in his musical career J Rock left Solja Squad and joined Zero Professionals, then deciding to bring real rap back into the fold, he left and started his new career as J Rock.

Since graduating and striking out on his own, J Rock has played many shows, including Tappahannock’s annual summer event, Rivafest, and has recorded a demo entitled Thinking Out Loud Part Two: The Birth of My Grind. Along with the help of friend and adoptive brother Prospect South, J Rock has risen above conflict and strife in the refreshing and monumental task of bringing real rap back into the musical fold. He has done this with bold lyrics, a free thinking mentality and the ability to improvise and get into the zone, while producing songs and compositions that define him and what he represents. The thing that aids J Rock in his musical career is that his music is not aimed at on demographics, but appeals to a diverse fan vase, and welcomes anyone who wants to experience a fresher side of rap. J Rock describes his fan base and directed audience as “anyone who and everyone who is willing to listen“. It is this concept that helps drive J Rock and continues to boost his reputation.

Since their first meeting, the two musicians have recorded demos, separately and together, played shows, and helped each other along. But first and foremost, as both will tell you, they are not just friends but a part of each other’s family. “Prospect is my thesaurus, my encyclopedia, and my internet man. If I can’t think of a word or definition or if my web pages need work, this is my go to man, he’s almost like my step father or brother”, says J Rock of the bond they share. “I totally agree with J (Rock), if he needs me I’m there and vice versa, believe it or not, if I stutter or lose my place he can pick it back up for me”, Prospect offers about the friendship. These two friends and adoptive family members produce good music, both separately and together, have a good time, and help each other along when the other needs it. This gives them a unique advantage over other artists and musicians in the Northern Neck- the ability to gain valuable insight from another musician at a moments notice, and receive beneficial feedback and necessary criticism.

Both J Rock and Prospect South are currently working on their next albums, making their names and music known, and building their musical careers and reputations. Prospect hopes to release his next demo and promote his music within the next year, and also hopes to show mainstream music something new and fresh and change the way people listen to music over the next few years. J Rock and Prospect South would both like to thank the fans and BFLC, and Brian Sprouse. Namely Prospect thanks his mother Cindy and his step father Rick, his father, his new family (Karen and the girls and his son Robbie), J Rock, and the South (that includes Virginia). J Rock would like to thank his supportive mother Theresa Golden, his girlfriend and daughter, and Prospect South. For more information on J Rock and Prospect South, visit their Myspace pages and look for Prospects music on itunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and Emusic.

Zach Jefferies
Prospect South and J Rock Article


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