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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leaving a Point

In 2003 two of the most chill and insane musicians,
Matt and Daniel Stowe, began mashing and jamming at a
practice house called the Cabin in Danville, Virginia.
Through adding and losing members and laughing at
times, the two original members of Point Left formed a
solid group of musicians who they both mesh well with
and trust. And since the beginning, by randomly
creating songs they often would not remember at the
Cabin, the newly formed band realized that they
enjoyed creating new songs and writing their own
material far more than being a cover band.

This intent and drive is clearly evident in their
music, even when you first begin to listen to the
song. The raw, provocative, and fresh sound draws and
pulls you in and forces you to sit back and enjoy. In
their song University, fresh and meaningful vocals are
accompanied by an echo of Offspring like guitar
playing. And while Point Left is a metal/hardcore
band, they show their softer side in Too Late, with
gripping vocals and an acoustic flare of the lighter
side of metal, while staying true to the hardcore
aspects and not pussy footing around.

Setting out to make themselves known and taking a
chance, Point Left bought some recording instruments,
and recorded their first demo as a 3 piece band last
year. Since then they have been playing shows in the
Danville/Dry Fork and North Carolina areas. And
earlier this year they discovered a new friend,
guitarist, and member, Matt Phillips, and are
currently working on recording and releasing their
second demo in the next three months, and are still
working on gaining momentum and experience in the
music community and expanding horizons. To listen to
their music and become a fan, visit their Myspace page
and the band’s website, PointLeft.com.

Zach Jefferies

Interview with Point Left
Zach Jefferies

Zach: Who are the band members and what instruments do
they play?

Point Left: Members- Matt Stowe- vocals, guitar
Matt Phillips- guitar
Adam Morris- bass
Daniel Stowe- drums

Zach: Where are the band and its members from?

Point Left: Danville / Dry Fork, VA

Zach: When did you start the band and what was the

Point Left: The band petty much started as just
something to do when we hang out. The original two
members were Matt S and Daniel. They started jamming
together at the Cabin (the best party/practice house
ever!!!) back in 2003. Matt had never been in a band
and had recently started playing guitar while Daniel
had played in another local band. From the beginning
we were more interested in writing our own songs
rather than just being a cover band. It just went on
from there we have added and lost several members
since then until we found a mixture of people we trust
and mesh with. We get laughed at at times because we
will just all get together and just make up songs on
the spot and then never remember them later on. We are
all incredibly creative. We are just hoping one day
our music skills will catch up with what we want to

Zach: Who was responsible for the name, Point Left?

Point Left: Haha....do u wanna here the real story or
what we tell people? The truth is not as interesting
as the fiction. The truth is we could never agree on a
name. We had several that we would agree on for maybe
a day or a week at the most and then we would sit down
and be like "that name is whack" Finally Matt S. just
came up with Point Left and pretty much was like
that’s the name whether any of us like it or not, no
more changes, and so the name stuck. Now what we tell
people is that we lay it all out there when we play,
which we do, in our music, words, and our crazy live
performances. Thus we make our point, or in other
words our point is left through our music. That’s
where Point Left came from.

Zach: Have any of the band members previously played
in another band?

Matt S.: This is my first experience in a band

Matt P.: This is the first official band I've been a
part of, I mean I've played music with friends that
played different instruments but nothing organized.

Adam: I've been in a lot of bands since I started
playing, but only two had names. Trauma and Worst Case

Daniel: I was in one other band. We were called

Zach: What has been the most encouraging and
discouraging moment for the band? Why?

Point Left: Wow that’s a loaded question. This band
has been through so many ups and downs. We would have
to say the most encouraging moment as a band is any
time we play and the crowd gets completely into our
music. We have gathered quite a local following
without playing many official shows. We have open
practices and many times we have had so many people
crammed into our little practice house that it seems
it might cave in. But anytime you look out and have
people getting off to your music and singing the words
along with you is such an uplifting feeling. The most
discouraging moments to be overtime we get a big show
booked with a nationally signed act something always
happens. Once we had our former lead singer quit on
the day of the show and lately the venues we normally
play at are all closing down. That’s always difficult.
You get yourself geared up for a show and promote it
and know you are gonna draw a big crowd and then it
gets cancelled. Not a good feeling to have.

Zach: What has been your most encouraging and
discouraging moment as a musician?

Matt S.: Once the band almost fell apart after our
lead singer quit. We took some time off and then got
together as a 3 piece. I took over the vocals and was
scared to death. The first show we played as a 3 piece
was incredible. We had a huge crowd and our friends
were there to support us. We played harder and with
more emotion then ever before. At that point I think
we really became a band!! The most discouraging moment
for me is having shows cancelled and having such a
hard time finding shows. It’s hard to get attention in
a small town like Danville.

Matt P.: My most encouraging moment is when the fans
are feeding off of the energy you're putting out which
in turn makes you play twice as hard. My most
discouraging moment as a musician is when someone
yells "Freebird!"

Adam: The most encouraging moment would probably have
to be when I first joined Point Left. I came in not
knowing most of the members very well but everyone was
really cool and we jammed and, with the exception of
the dickhead singer that we don't have anymore, we all
clicked and things have been awesome ever since. The
most discouraging time happens every now and then when
we play. When we're up on stage doing our best and
there are people in the crowd just standing there
barely even paying attention. You paid to see a show,
dammit! Get up and enjoy it!!!

Daniel: The most encouraging moments for me are seeing
people react positively to your music. There is no
greater feeling in the world. The most discouraging is
definitely not getting shows.

Zach: What is your favorite thing about being in the

Matt S.: For me personally it was finding people who
had the same emotion and drive to perform and write
music as me. We all feed off of each other and push
each other to improve everyday. Plus we get to meet a
lot of other really awesome bands and people!!

Matt P.: That we are all friends and we have fun.

Adam: The atmosphere. We get together, have a few
beers and just go. The music we've made in Point Left
is, bar none, the best music I've ever played.

Daniel: Actually being in a band!! And we are all very
good friends.

Zach: What is your most memorable moment as a musician
and band?

Matt S.: Oh wow.......the are so many turbo sweet
moments!!! Haha...ok here is one of many. A while back
everyone threw me a toga party for my birthday. We are
all chilling (dancing to Michael Jackson) and having
fun at the cabin. I go outside to help a someone that
is passed out on the sidewalk and I see a line of cars
as far as i can see pulling in. Well over a hundred
people showed up out of no where. They demanded us to
play. In order to get them to leave we played a few
songs and they all went crazy. We gained a lot of new
fans that night.

Matt P.: When I played at Carington Pavilion here in

Adam: We drink a lot so a lot of the memories I have
are fuzzy. Anytime at the cabin is almost always

Daniel: Our first show after our former lead singer
quit was awesome. The way the crowd went nuts at that
show was incredible.

Zach: Do you or any other band members have a way of
ensuring a good show?

Matt S.: We usually meet up before the show and just
relax. We drink a few beers and take the time to make
fun of ourselves.

Adam: We usually get together an hour or two before a
show, drink a few beers and goof around. It really
helps me relax and get ready to go out and have fun.

Daniel: I take the day off form work to concentrate on
the show. I drink a few beers with the guys and we
pump each other up.

Zach: What do you feel is your best original song?
Matt S.: My favorite song has always been "Recluse".
It takes u on so many highs and lows. Hopefully it
will be on our next demo.

Matt P.: My favorite song so far is "Thanks 4
Sharing". It can be heard on our Myspace page.

Adam: Shit...They're all flippin sweet! I can't pick.
I do have a favorite though, and that’s "University".
That song works the hell out of my fingers but I love
it. As long as it’s not the first one in the set.

Daniel: "Supra the Deer" is my favorite song we play.

Zach: What venues have you played at?

Point Left: Plan B in Danville VA, Somewhere Else
Tavern in Greensboro NC, The Eagles Nest in Grifton
NC, The Salty Dawg in New Bern NC, White Oak Mountain
Amphitheatre in Danville VA, Lucky Break in Danville
VA, Aces Basement in Greensboro NC and of course THE
CABIN!!!! (out practice house) in Dry Fork VA

Zach: What’s your favorite place to play?

Matt S.: For me it’s the cabin. We have our best
shows when people come out to here us practice. It’s
always good to play for the hometown crowd at Plan B

Daniel: Plan B and the Cabin. And The Salty Dawg just
cause that was a crazy night.

Zach: How many albums have you recorded and released?
Where are they available?

Point Left: We are of course and unsigned band so we
do the best we can to get our music out there. We
purchased our on recording equipment and recorded a
demo ourselves last year. It sounds good for the
limited equipment we had to work with.

Zach: Are you currently working on any cds or

Point Left: We plan on recording a new demo as a 4
piece instead of a 3 piece since Matt P. recently
joined the group. It should be out by May.

Zach: Who would you like to reach with your music?

Matt S.: Anyone and everyone. We want to reach as many
people as possible with our music, hopefully inspiring
a few people along the way.

Matt P.: Everyone who has ever been through anything
that music helps relieve.

Adam: Everybody. I'm not trying to reach any one
specific group of people with what I do. What one
person gets out of a song is gonna be different than
what another person gets out of it. As long as people
are getting SOMETHING out of our music, I'm happy.
We've done our job.

Daniel: Our music mostly appeals to the younger crowds

Zach: What do you hope to accomplish within the next

Point Left: We have a lot planned within the next
year. First we hope to get Matt P. up to speed on all
our old songs and then set about writing new music as
a 4 piece. We are very excited about that. We will be
able to expand our range and do things we wanted to
but never had the chance to do as a 3 piece. Of course
we plan on recording a new demo within the next 3
months. Also we have grossly neglected our website. We
hope to have that all new and up in running soon as
well. We are looking into a lot of new places to play
and are really looking forward to being on stage

Zach: Philosophies or words of wisdom for aspiring
artists and musicians?

Matt S.: Just stay true to yourself. Play what you
like and don’t worry about what other people think. if
it makes you feel something it will connect with
others too.

Matt P.: No matter what type of music you play, always
pursue your dreams. Music is very medicinal and your
music will help someone make it through something.

Adam: Don't give up. There are people that are going
to tell you that you can't do it or that its stupid or
whatever. Fuck their opinion. If its what you want to
do, do it. And then....tell them that Adam rocks.

Daniel: Never give up. When you do your dreams could
float away and never come back.

Zach: Shout outs?

Matt S.: The guys in the band. All of our crazy
awesome friends. The Cabin Boys and the Cabin Girls!!
My family and anyone who told me I couldn’t do what
I’m doing because that pushed me harder to prove them

Matt P.: Yeah I want to thank Matt Stowe, Daniel Stowe
and Adam for making me a part of their band and I want
to shout out to the CB's (Cabin Boys)

Adam: Definitely the guys in the band. We've been
through a lot over the years and stuck together. We
rock and we're gonna continue to rock, beatrice! And
then there's everybody else. Jon T, Jeff, Charmian,
Chris...there's no damn way I could get everyone's
name here. Big thank yous to everyone that comes to
the cabin and has fun with us and enjoys the music. My
girlfriend Tina. She hasn't heard much from the band
yet other than the stuff on the site, but I know she
supports us and she makes me want to jam. My son, who
gets down in the floor and moshes with me to Point
Left! My dad who has always been there to support me
and help me haul band equipment all over town (and out
of state) back in the day. Hells yeah!

Daniel: Thanks to everyone who has supported us and
everyone in the cabin crew.

Point Left: The most important thing to know about us
is that we are a bunch of down to earth guys who
respect our roots and all music past present and
future. We are really insane....you'd just have to
hang out with us to understand.


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