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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm a DirectTV Believer

After years of being ripped off by cable companies, we finally got the best out there, in my opinion, DirectTV. Why you might ask, well because since we have had our satellite, we have been happier, we don't fight over channels (DVR) and there is no longer a need for a vcr (nor the cost of buying tapes to record on), not to mention there is less downtime and outages, unlike cable.

We have 100 XM Music stations, great movies without commercials, and awesome shows from England which were not available with cable. Direct Tv has introduced us to shows we never knew existed, as well as enabled us to recieve shows we only wished we could get with cable.

Here are some more facts about directtv, then here are more:

DirecTV will offer a free High Definition DVR.

There are fewer outages on average than Cable and tend to be remedied very fast.

Movie Channels galore, even ones that are only available through DirectTV.
They have better pricing for the same service levels as cable, plus Pay-Per-View and On-Demand services.

Music Channels like XM Satellite Radio music, directtv is the very best in this arena.

Local Channels are available via DirectTV Satellite also.

A wide array of multi-lingual options are available on satellite that you just can't get with cable. DirectTV offers 15+ international type packages for International Channels

I could go on, and why am I praising direct tv Satellite?, because we have been customers of DirectTV now for about 2 years, and everyday I thank myself for getting rid of cable. I was especially sick of seeing all these programs in the paper TV guide that we just simply could not get, not even for a bigger price. Prices, yes we felt ripped off, but at first thought, if we switch to Satellite and don't like it, what then. Let me tell you, it was immediatly apparant that we had done the right thing.

Why am I telling you about direct tv and satellites, because it is my mission to stop all my friends and readers from continuing to get ripped off by cable. I get nothing out of it, except the pleasure that I may have made someones life happier and better.

Don't take my word for it, do a little research on your own. Next time you see that commercial that says "Stop Cable Theft", I want you to remember that YOU are the one being ripped off, and think of getting a Direct TV satellite instead!


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