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Friday, September 26, 2008

Grandpa Eddie's - Updated Events

09.26.2008 Planet Full of Blues
Rocking Blues

09.27.2008 Lee Harris & Country Sunshine
Old School Country and Honky Tonkin'

10.03.2008 The Taters
Roots, Country & Power Pop

10.04.2008 Johnny Change
Johnny Cash and Americana

10.10.2008 Susan Greenbaum
Acoustic Singer/Songwriter

10.11.2008 Band of Steves
Jazz, Rock & Horns

10.17.2008 Dennis Elliott
Acoustic Multi-Instrumentalist

10.18.2008 David McKenny
Buffet Covers & Key West Acoustic

10.24.2008 Thermus
Americana, Acoustic Jam Band

10.25.2008 The Silverbacks
Classic Rock & Blues

10.31.2008 The Imitators
Special Halloween Party! Costume Contest!! Do the Monster Mash with all your friends.

11.01.2008 The Great Unknowns
Soulful Rock

11.07.2008 Wrenn Mangum
50's Tribute, Elvis. High-Energy Fun!!

11.08.2008 Harrison Dean Band
Classic Rock, Folk Rock

11.14.2008 The Jangling Reinharts
Rock, Americana, Acoustic

11.15.2008 The Ultra Kings

11.21.2008 Scattered, Smothered & Covered
Americana & Bluegrass

11.22.2008 Velvet Marias
Alternative Southern Califorinia Rock with a Twang! Don't Miss this Show!

11.29.2008 When Harry Met Buzzy
Harry Gore & Buzzy Lawler return! Pop Rock.

12.05.2008 Dixie Power Trio
Zydeco, New Orleans Brassy Jazz

12.06.2008 King Solomon's Marbles Acoustic
Grateful Dead Night at Grandpa Eddie's! Wear your tie-dye and Smile, Smile, Smile!

12.12.2008 Nat King Kong
Classic Rock

12.13.2008 Sister Sweet
The Sisters return with soulful Indie Rock!

12.19.2008 Super 64
Pure Jazz Trio

12.20.2008 Special Ed & the Short Bus
Who knows what to expect with these guys? One of Richmond's hottest acts.

12.27.2008 Mo Debree
Sultry Blues & Jazz. A new House Favorite!!!

01.02.2009 Wrenn Mangum
Elvis is back in the House! Worth it just for the costume changes!

02.27.2009 The Atkinsons
Country, Rock and lots of Fun!!

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