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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Been A Long Time Coming.........

I have been in the process of, or in comtemplation of, completely remodeling all my sites for the last several years. This has been put off, and put off, due to health reasons, for the last several years as well.

Well the time has finally come, and I can no longer let my health stop me from doing what needs be done. Starting with MusicRVA, which is actually the original Alley Katz site, I will begin devoting a few hours a day to just this site.

I am already on a host, so I can get all those pages on free servers over to the main one eventually, altho the free sites will stay where they are for ranking and traffic reasons, but the new domain name will be posted on the site, as well as the servers will hopefully redirect everything to the actual domain, if I know what I am doing LOL!

With that said, there will be some surprises for my fellow Richmonders, as I have also been working on some communications tools, that will connect Richmond bands, venues, and other music related sources together. I am hoping at the very least, that this will be my Christmas present to the Richmond music community.

With sincere love for all the bands and venues I have worked with here in Richmond over the years, I very much regret that my physical presence in the music scene here has been thwarted by illness, and I know many of you have wondered if I still even reside in the area as I have been for the most part invisable, but I have been here all along, helping when I can, and still work with a few bands individually over the internet in a couple places like here and Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, Krell is still alive and well and living in LA, with much success.

So, I have been behind the scenes, even if you don't see me LOL. My PC has become my life, instead of the inside of a club. When I worked in management at venues such as the Floodzone, I literally spent from 12PM everyday, to around 3 or 4AM in them, I practically lived there, and pretty much any other venue I had any authorization over. My venue was my House, as they say in the club arena, and I miss it with all my heart, and music has always been the biggest part of my life, and will always be.

So on that note, let me go get some work done.


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