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Monday, August 1, 2011

Games are not just kidstuff!

Along with my music ventures, I have also been involved in hosting a fashion game network for people who like to play games, like dressing up virtual dolls. Almost 2 years ago, altho I am pretty adept at websites, the art of graphics escaped me. Then I started to play one doll game in particular, that has taught me tons about graphics, and has enabled me to finally learn, and grasp this media, while taking the designs that have been in my head so long, and being able to actual implement them into a visual creation.

Many people think games are just for kids, but they are wrong. I am 59, and am having the time of my life both learning and entertaining myself in this world of online virtual playgrounds.

Think again, if you think games are just for kids. You are and will be missing an amazing experience, and the ability to make friends with many like minded individuals.

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