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Monday, September 29, 2008

A MusicRVA Special Announcement

If you have not yet joined our new MusicRVA Social Network, THIS is the Time!
I have just built an app for Facebook users to use, which will display the most recent video uploaded to the network by any band. All you have to do is add your band videos to the network, and it will show up in the app as an updated video. What does this mean to you? It means your band and videos now have the ability to became spread accross the Facebook network, it also means that more people will be hearing your music!

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The MusicRVA Social Network

Please help me spread the word by supporting and promoting with me, the Richmond Va & surrounding coast line area bands, venues & general music & arts scene. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to join, make new friends and find out what the scene is on the East Coast, and tell us about yours.

Add your comments, videos, pics, and more, and show yourself off for all to view. Music is our lives, yes?

Try out our new Facebook App which plays the latest added band or music video to our network site. You can join us in helping further by visiting MusicRVA Social Network and becoming an active member of our new network!
You will find a link to the Facebook App on the main page, down where the network videos are displayed to the MRVA Network.

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